An heir to an ancient tradition

In the vast world of acupuncture and traditional Chinese medicine, it's rare to come across someone as exceptional as Calvin Chien. Based in Colorado, Calvin Chien is an acupuncturist and doctor of traditional Chinese medicine (in California) whose expertise is based on a family history steeped in ancestral knowledge. 

Born into a family traditionally known for its medicinal herbs and herbal formulas in Taiwan, Calvin Chien embraced the vocation of healing and alleviating human suffering from an early age.

A family heritage rooted in tradition

Calvin Chien's father was a renowned herbalist and Bua Gua Zhang Master, passing on his precious knowledge to his son. It was in this family environment, conducive to the discovery of traditional Chinese arts, that Calvin Chien developed his passion for acupuncture. 

In 1982, he began his studies in acupuncture, marking the start of a career that would take him to unparalleled heights in the field of traditional Chinese medicine.

The Master who guided his way

In 1990, Calvin Chien took a crucial step in his journey by becoming a disciple of Doctor Lin, a man whose story is closely linked to that of Master Tung.

Doctor Lin had been a comrade-in-arms of Master Tung, and their relationship had become so close that Doctor Lin was the only one to have had the privilege of practicing with and alongside Master Tung.

This proximity enabled Doctor Lin to receive Master Tung's teaching directly, a treasure trove of knowledge that he passed on to his disciple Calvin Chien.

Tangible proof of this exceptional relationship is the traditional white banner that Calvin Chien received from his master, symbolizing the sacred bond between Master and disciple. 

But that's not all. Calvin Chien also inherited a unique collection of books and autographed notebooks given by Master Tung to Doctor Lin, enriching his knowledge of Tung acupuncture.

A third-generation disciple

Calvin Chien is now recognized as a third-generation disciple of Master Tung. Master Tung had very few direct disciples, and as such is often referred to as a second and third generation disciple. 

Master Tung's death in 1975 left a void, but it's important to note that certain people, such as patients' parents or children, gravitated towards Master Tung and were allowed to take notes, thus helping to preserve and pass on his knowledge.

The art of Palmar Diagnosis


Calvin Chien has devoted his career to clinical practice and has developed an unrivalled mastery of the art of palmar diagnosis, a rare skill that enables him to accurately diagnose his patients' ailments. 

In his view, diagnosis is the key to success in TUNG acupuncture, and mastery of palmar diagnosis represents the pinnacle of the diagnostic art.

An eclectic and diverse Patient Base

Calvin Chien currently practices in Colorado, where he continues to excel in his clinical practice. His patient base is as diverse as his skills, ranging from Olympic athletes to top-level sportsmen and women, veterans and movie celebrities

He treats a variety of health problems, from pain to psychological trauma to infertility. He has also developed particular expertise in the treatment of autoimmune diseases and orthopedics.

Although he has done little teaching to date, his exceptional knowledge and valuable experience are an invaluable asset to traditional Chinese medicine and Tung acupuncture. 

Calvin Chien is a living treasure of this ancient tradition and continues to make a significant contribution to the health and well-being of his patients, while preserving and perpetuating Master Tung's legacy.


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